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Our History

National Historic Farm

Every day, the sun rises over the rolling hills, paints the trees gold and warms the grass in the pastures of our heritage family farm. We respect this land because it’s given us, and those before us, so much. A track record of agricultural production dating back to the 1800s gave Elysian Fields Farm a home on the National Register of Historic Places.

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A New Path

In 1989 Keith Martin left a career in investment banking for greener pastures. Over the next few years he parceled together 200 acres of farmland in Greene County, Pennsylvania, and Elysian Fields Farm was born. Today, Martin is the proud owner and operator of the lamb farm which set the foundation for Pure Bred. We pride ourselves on holistically raising lamb and partnering with people who share our values and create equally special products.

A New Beginning

Today you’ll find Pure Bred lamb in restaurants and specialty food retailers across the country. Our patented Safe Alternative® Method has spread to several family farms across several states. As more and more people discover the difference that a holistic approach creates, more and more animals receive the care they deserve.

Farmer feeding lambs

At a Glance

We set out with the simple goal of establishing the best-possible lamb farm. Along the way, we ended up developing a patented system for managing livestock that challenges convention, leads by example and cultivates respect for the source of our food.

Most important are the advantages for you: We want to show you where your food is coming from, to inspire confidence in your ingredients and strengthen your connection to the natural world.

Our Partners

We owe a debt of gratitude to our partners. We wouldn’t be who we are if not for them.

United Producers

The French Laundry
Per Se
Surf Club