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One Flock

Thanks to our partnership with United Producers, Inc, we’re proud to be a part of a farmer-owned-and-operated cooperative. That partnership helps us carefully and respectfully raise Pure Bred lambs beyond our heritage farm, Elysian Fields Farm.

Many of our lambs are born on specific farms - what we at Pure Bred and United Producers call “Ewe Flocks” - that focus on breeding and birthing healthy animals. The family farm in Kansas manages this particular operation. The majority of lambs will travel from their Ewe Flocks to Ohio where they will then be given their Safe Alternative® identification number.

Many Farms

All of the farmers raising lamb for Pure Bred follow our patented Safe Alternative® Method, so their lambs may be raised on different American farms, but they’re from the same flock. Each farm is family run, usually by just a few people who tend to their animals day and night.

While this idyllic dream may have started on one family home and farm at Elysian Fields, thanks to all of the family-owned-and-operated farms working with United Producers, more and more lambs are receiving the respect and care they deserve.

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Lambs on Hill eating



Elysian Fields Farm
Southwestern PA

Lambs in field



Anderson Family Farm
East Central OH

Armstrong Family Farm
North Central OH

Cable Family Farm
Central OH

Messenger Farms
North Central OH

Shinaberry Family Farm
North Central OH

Skyline Farms
North Central OH

Lambs in field



Herredsburg Family Farm
North Central KS

Farmer feeding lambs

At a Glance

We set out with the simple goal of establishing the best-possible lamb farm. Along the way, we ended up developing a patented system for managing livestock that challenges convention, leads by example and cultivates respect for the source of our food.

Most important are the advantages for you: We want to show you where your food is coming from, to inspire confidence in your ingredients and strengthen your connection to the natural world.

Our Partners

We owe a debt of gratitude to our partners. We wouldn’t be who we are if not for them.

United Producers

The French Laundry
Per Se
Surf Club