Boneless Leg of Lamb


The leg offers a hearty flavor that will stand up to more forceful cooking methods, like grilling. Tied, it cooks like a roast with the natural gelatins and subtle fat marbling which soften during cooking. Untied and laid flat on the grill, this cut offers a variety of textures and flavors, as the diverse cuts present in the leg finish cooked to different levels of doneness, satisfying those who enjoy everything from medium rare to well done. The boned leg offers unparalleled convenience and a showcase for your favorite seasoning.

The minimum weight for this product is 6 lbs.

Integrated farming begins before the lifecycle of the lamb, with care and attention paid to the locally grown feed crops and the health of the Pennsylvania/Ohio soil. Pure Bred supports a regional system of growers, who in turn feed our lamb with a diet rich in minerals. This quality feed contributes to a brilliant white, exceptionally luxurious fat composition with a unique texture that melts in the mouth.

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