Voice of the Lamb

Welcome to Pure Bred Lamb

All of us at Elysian Fields have discovered one thing for certain, how insignificant and out of focus we all can be in relating to the natural order all around us. We live within a miracle that continues to reveal itself, the dynamics of which we can barely begin to grasp. We feel, for some reason, that we are the center of this natural process when in reality we are completely outside. We have been given a great gift, a gift of choice, which we have decidedly developed into authority over all things. Or so we think. We have moved away as a culture and a society from “real” values, which has in turn removed us from our true mother….earth. No longer are we connected to the soil as all other things are. No wonder our walks in the park rejuvenate us, why getting our hands dirty feels so good. Within the order of nature exist the relationships which are its very fabric. Within these relationships are inter-dependencies proving we are all one, not The One.

My dog Jess lies beside me as I write this on behalf of our charge here at Elysian Fields. It is Sunday evening and we are in the back office of our USDA facility here on the farm (don’t tell the inspector the dog is with me or I will get written up). Jess looks up at me, watching. He sighs deeply and his eyes wander, half shut. He is patient, devoted and kind. What a relationship – what a beautiful animal. I write reference to this because I know many of you reading this can relate to this type of relationship.

Our charge here at Elysian Fields, the lambs, are part of this network and they have a voice that we ought to listen to. I feel incumbent to reach out to you, connect you to them, to help you develop a relationship with them. (Jess is now asleep.) It is vitally important, and not for just one reason. In their life, they go where Jess does not. Lambs, in their innocence, make a commitment so resolute and absolute in its truest nature – they sustain us with their very lives. As farm animals, they are here to serve a human purpose, but that purpose must be carried out responsibly and reverently, in honor of the life they transfer to us. Many of you long for a means to be–to act in such a values-driven fashion regarding your consumptions. However, you may not know how, or you may have been disconnected from the living source for too long. At no fault of our own, we have often been told to …”just buy it, shut up, take it home and eat it, don’t ask questions”. But no longer. Many of us want to get “dirty” and we want to be connected to sources that allow us to return to a more integrated, natural existence.

Welcome to Elysian Fields.

Welcome to Pure Bred Lamb.

(I’ll tell Jess you-all said hello.)


Why Holistic?

Raising our lamb holistically allows you, the consumer, to be connected with the farmer and united in this philosophy of care and respect for the animals they raise. By joining with farmers who share these beliefs, we hope to bring this quality lamb to as many consumers as possible. And those consumers who buy Pure Bred likewise share in and encourage these convictions about how livestock is raised in America. Find out more here

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