Leg of Lamb

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Leg of Lamb

For a traditional family holiday celebration or weekend barbecue, a whole roasted leg of lamb is an extraordinary meal. Because the Pure Bred lambs are raised respectfully and consistently throughout their lives, they experience very little stress and moderate, but consistent activity. This method of husbandry results in a leg of lamb that is tender, pure in flavor and consistent in texture.

This portion stands up well to seasoning and provides an array of flavors and textures to satisfy all tastes. Additionally, slow roasting on the bone provides an impressive table presentation and unparalleled richness of flavor. The minimum weight for this is 9 lbs.

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Why Holistic?

Raising our lamb holistically allows you, the consumer, to be connected with the farmer and united in this philosophy of care and respect for the animals they raise. By joining with farmers who share these beliefs, we hope to bring this quality lamb to as many consumers as possible. And those consumers who buy Pure Bred likewise share in and encourage these convictions about how livestock is raised in America. Find out more here

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Because of the stewardship and care provided each animal through the “Safe Alternative® method” online orders take a full week process, but are shipped when prepared overnight to your door.

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